Herbs to Improve your Menstrual Cycle Experience

Herbs to Improve your Menstrual Cycle Experience

Easter Lily Tincture was the first herb I used when I began learning about herbal medicine in 2001. It was life changing. Before that, I didn't know that my monthly cycle of bleeding didn't have to be painful. I believed that having my period was to be dreaded, that cramping and pain was normal, and that the solution was to pop a painkiller every month. I remember the moment my thinking shifted, when my herbalist and teacher Lise Wolff said, "You don't have an ibuprofen deficiency."  That sparked me to dig deeper into the root causes of my monthly discomfort.
Easter Lily and many other herbs have helped me to have a more enjoyable menstrual experience, with lighter bleeding, no cramps, nausea, headaches, or pain. I can't believe it took me so long to discover these herbs and I can't wait to share what I learned with you. 

High estrogen levels during the second half of the cycle can cause over-building of the uterine lining, uterine fibroids, and excessive bleeding with lots of cramping. This is a common issue because our environment is so polluted with toxins and endocrine disrupting chemicals that act as estrogen in our bodies. Herbs such as Easter Lily Tincture can ease heavy menstrual blood flow and shorten a long menstrual cycle. Extra estrogen means the liver has to work harder to process out hormones. Yarrow Tincture, Calendula Tincture, Dandelion Root Tincture, and Blue Vervain Tincture help the liver break down extra hormones. These four herbs are also good for bringing on a late period and easing PMS symptoms such as mood swings and food cravings.
Black Cohosh Tincture is hormone balancing and antispasmodic to calm uterine cramps. It is especially great for low back pain or pain in the back of the thighs. Black Cohosh increases dopamine, so can help keep you in a good mood. Black Cohosh and Red Clover Tincture both contain phyto-estrogens which can mimic the body's estrogen and can bind to the estrogen receptor sites in our bodies and prevent estrogen from causing problems.

Another herb to consider is Feverfew Tincture.  It's a remedy for menstrual cramps, blood congestion, and is especially helpful for women who get headaches during menstruation.

Low estrogen can cause a menstrual cycle where the bleeding starts slowly with spotting and extends a long time. Low estrogen can decrease vaginal lubrication. Easter Lily Tincture is an herbal remedy that nourishes the ovaries, builds fluids, and dissolves cysts in the breasts or ovaries.

Heavy bleeding and many days of menstrual bleeding can cause anemia. Anemia happens when your blood is depleted and does not have enough iron. When you are low on iron, your body can be slow to heal. The treatment of iron deficiency requires the intake of iron and Vitamin C because in order for our bodies to break down and assimilate iron, very strong stomach acid is needed. Foods rich in Vitamin C and iron are carrots, beets, almonds, walnuts, leafy greens, and red kidney beans. Elderberry Tincture contains Vitamin C and iron. Yellow Dock Roots, Dandelion Roots, Chickweed, Oregon Grape Roots are herbs that contain iron, aid in the absorption of iron, and stimulate your liver to release stored iron. You can put a dose of Yellow Dock Root Tincture, Dandelion Root Tincture, Chickweed Tincture, or Oregon Grape Root Tincture into a cup of juice (orange, pineapple, or grapefruit) and you will have natural iron and Vitamin C.

The above herbal remedies may need to be used consistently during three cycles before symptoms are completely resolved. You may temporarily notice heavier bleeding as the excess uterine tissue is expelled.

I grow all the Easter lilies used in Bear Wallow Herbs' Easter Lily Tincture and the soil is strictly organic. The scent of the dozens of Easter lilies in bloom is outrageously wonderful! The beautiful white lilies are infused in Mt. Shasta Spring Water to make a flower essence, imprinting the energy of the lily into the water. Herbalist Matthew Wood teaches that Easter Lily flower essence has the spiritual effect of returning you to sexual innocence, after negative experiences have left you conflicted about sex.

If you are looking for an immediate remedy, California Poppy Tincture works quickly as a pain killer, muscle relaxer, and antispasmodic to relieve cramps without the serious side-effects of NSAIDs (fertility problems, gastric bleeding, and even heart attack). California Poppy Tincture (a key ingredient in Sleep Well Tincture) does make you tired, so only use when you are able to relax.

You may have noticed that stress can also worsen PMS symptoms, therefore, Stress Less Tincture can also be a great remedy to have on hand to nourish your nervous system and relieve tension. 

I hope these herbs help you have a more pleasant menstrual experience. If you need help deciding which herbs to start with, please contact me for a personal consultation

To your health,

Cara Saunders

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  • Cara Saunders
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  • Caitlyn

    Easter Lily Tincture was the first herb I purchased from Bear Wallow Herbs years ago but it sat in the cabinet unused. All the labels say use between 5 and 20 drops daily and I just don’t know where to start. Do I take it daily or just through my cycle? I’m overwhelmed by the lack of instruction on the tinctures so I end up not using them but I’d really like to start.

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